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Onsite Training for Reliability and Maintenance

For organizations that want to build knowledge and skills for a team of people, Life Cycle Institute provides private, onsite training classes for all 12 of our maintenance and reliability courses. If you have five or more people that could benefit from a course, an onsite class is probably most cost-effective and offers many benefits for your organization.

Benefits of On-Site Training Classes

  • Our highly regarded class facilitators can integrate relevant examples into the course curriculum. Activities can be based on your assets, processes and tools.
  • We’ll work with you to schedule your class when it’s most convenient for your operation, minimizing disruption to your operations.
  • You’ll save money on travel expenses to educate your team in best practices – with five or more participants it will usually cost you less to bring training onsite.
  • Your class participants will spend 40% less time off the job because our course facilitator travels to you.
  • You can easily gain sponsorship for the importance of applying best practices – and build team engagement – by having site leaders kick off an onsite workshop.
  • Because the course is at your site, you can easily include a larger cross-section of participants. Like safety, reliability is everyone’s responsibility. You’ll create a uniform understanding of best practices and get everyone speaking the same language.

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