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With eLearning Courses, Life Cycle Institute Takes Online Training to a Whole New Level

Life Cycle Institute eLearning is online training you access on your own schedule, at your own pace. You can:

  • Take the course whenever you want
  • Work through it one module at a time or all at once
  • Review the material whenever you need to
  • Access the resource library containing tools, templates and guides
  • Create standard processes for your organization
  • Earn CEUs based on course length

With built-in practical application and downloadable tools, you will be able to immediately apply what you learn in the modules.

  • Challenging learners: learners are faced with real-world scenarios and problems in the module, requiring them to think critically, solve problems and practice new behaviors.
  • Engaging learners: the modules employ high-fidelity eLearning and instructional design best practices as well as incorporating media, simulations, problem solving and branching scenarios that engage learners.
  • Driving performance: the modules support on-the-job application by prompting action plans and suggesting follow-up tasks and tools they can download from the module.

Learn more about each course and try a sample lesson:
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling eLearning
MRO Storeroom Management eLearning
Reliability Centered Maintenance eLearning*
Reliability Engineering Excellence eLearning*
Root Cause Analysis eLearning*
Predictive Maintenance Strategies eLearning*

*Courses are part of the Reliability Engineering Certification program

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