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Reliability Engineering Resource Center

Reliability Engineers design reliability into a system or process before it’s built, identify and manage operational risks, and solve problems in all areas of asset management. No wonder the Reliability Engineering skillset is in such demand by asset-intensive organizations!

If you’re developing a strategic Reliability Engineering program, looking to develop Reliability Engineering skills, or searching for resources, you’ve come to the right place.

Below you’ll find links to Reliability Engineering training, certification, services, resources, and staffing.

Reliability Engineering Training

Reliability Engineering Excellence – Learn how to help your organization meet its reliability goals, through in-person or virtual classes.
Reliability Engineering Excellence Online (eREE) – Self-paced, online training for Reliability Engineering.
Root Cause Analysis – Learn how to apply a process for root cause analysis and establish a culture of continuous improvement
Root Cause Analysis Online (eRCA) – Self-paced, online training for Root Cause Analysis.
Risk-based Asset Management – Learn how to improve asset availability and meet reliability goals by applying a risk-based approach to asset maintenance and operations.
Reliability-Centered Maintenance Online (eRCM) – Self-paced, online training that integrates content from our Risk-Based Asset Management course with the prevailing Reliability Centered Maintenance standards and decades of best-practice benchmarking.
Predictive Maintenance Strategy – Learn how to establish, manage and sustain results from a comprehensive PdM program.
Predictive Maintenance Strategy Online (ePDM) – Self-paced, online training for Predictive Maintenance (coming soon!)

Reliability Engineering Certification

Learn more about our university-backed Reliability Engineering Certification program for people who are responsible for improving asset and capacity reliability, and creating a culture of continuous improvement. There are now three ways to earn your Reliability Engineering Certification: in-person, virtual instructor-led online, and self-paced online. Select a format that works best for your schedule and learning style.

Reliability Engineering Services

Learn more about how our Reliability Engineering experts can help you with Risk-based Asset Management, Advanced Predictive Maintenance, and Design for Reliability.

Reliability Engineering Resources

Access our extensive library of articles, resources and self-assessments, whitepapers, and videos

Reliability Engineer Staffing

Finding it hard to recruit Reliability Engineers? We may be able to help you find qualified resources: Life Cycle Talent: Staff Augmentation for Asset-Intensive Operations

Do you have a Reliability Engineering need? Please contact us at info@LCE.com

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